MULTIPURPOSE Alexandria Syllabus

To view content on Alexandria, you will need to log on using your Monash credentials. To create/author content on Alexandria, you will need to contact the Alexandria team to be granted authoring access.

Alexandria is an educational resource repository. It is used by teachers and instructors to relay information and facilitate learning activities in various forms. Alexandria is a platform that can be used to contain text, media and host external content.

To request authoring access for Alexandria, contact the Alexandria team. Students are unable to create content in Alexandria, but they may be able to interact external interactions embedded inside the modules.

Alexandria as an e-book
As an e-book, Alexandria can be used as an information display tool.

Alexandria as a platform for external content
As Alexandria is an open platform (creators can embed external content from Captivate, H5P, etc) the verbs used will depend on the ‘Interactive’ or external content embedded in the module.

Click the 'Asset URL' below the screenshot to explore Alexandria. Please note that like other multipurpose eLearning objects/tools, the usage of Alexandria depends on the instruction/question given by the teacher/instructor. Therefore, there is only one general example.

In cases where this resource has been used with embedded interactive content, some commonly used verbs include list, select, recall, choose, match, categorise, label, name, and find.

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